Axiecon announcement overview – 3 HUGE Tournaments with over $1,000,000 in Prize Pool

On July 1 of this year, Axie Infinity posted massive news on their Twitter page. The post includes the AxieCon, the Axie World Championships, and the Axie: Classic World Championships.

AxieCon (Axie Infinity Conference)

“AxieCon will be a time for us to gather as a community to discuss our mission, vision, priorities, and product roadmap while meeting our past, present and future allies in the community”.

The AxieCon is an Axie Infinity Conference where Axie lovers would come collectively and share the venture with the future mission, vision, and growth of the game’s roadmap. This will be the first P2E (play-to-earn) gaming conference, which will be held on September 7-10, 2022, in Barcelona, Spain. Just like any gaming conference, we can expect other P2E games from other developers to be featured or get announced potentially. It will be interesting to see if RON onboarding happens. As of now, there hasn’t been any announcement who will join the conference except, of course, Sky Mavis. We can also expect Sky Mavis to feature their upcoming projects.

The Axie Infinity Conference will have the following noteworthy pursuits:


You can learn about AxieCon’s tickets here.

Axie Infinity World Championships

Sky Mavis also announces the upcoming Axie Infinity World Championship which will be held in the AxieCon. This event will feature 3 tournaments with a complete prize pool of $1,000,000 in the type of AXS tokens.

These tournaments are:

  • Axie: Classic World Championships
  • Axie: Origin BYOD (bring your own device) Series
  • Axie: Origin Stadium Series

Axie: Classic World Championships

Since we are saying goodbye to the game model of Axie Infinity v2 (Classic), Sky Mavis will organize one final tournament. This tournament will feature a $500,000 prize pool in AXS.

In addition, Bill will be the lead admin for Axie Classic in Barcelona!

Tournament Format

The elimination and qualifying round will get kicked off from July 28 to August 21 with up to 64,000 Axie players from East and West participating. The tournament will have four phases:

  • (Jul 28 – Aug 7) Features a Swiss format tournament, 1024 players will get qualified from each region.
  • (Aug 12 – Aug 14) Features a Swiss format tournament, 16 players will get qualified from each region.
  • (Aug 18 – Aug 21) A knockout competition that selects the top 8 players from each region.
  • The finals will be held in the AxieCon where these 16 players (paid trip to Barcelona) will battle it out to be crowned the Axie: Classic World Champion.

Axie: Origin BYOD (bring your own device) Series

Other than the Classic World championship, Axie will also be holding the Axie: Origin BYOD tournament for ticket holders who will be attending AxieCon and will feature a total prize pool of $400,000 in AXS. This will be an open tournament available for players in the AxieCon, allowing them to compete and attempt to win rewards from the $400,000 prize pool. This tournament will feature 2048 players and will be hosted across multiple heats throughout AxieCon.

Axie: Origin Stadium Series

Axie: Origin Stadium Series is another tournament that will also be held at AxieCon. This will makes use of the OG Axie Infinity: Origin model. This is also an open tournament for all of those who are attending the AxieCon. The tournament will feature a $100,000 prize pool and the daily undefeated players will be facing the Axie Final Four which is composed of Nguyen Thanh Trung, Jiho, Psycheout, and Zyori Sky Mavis’ senior employees.

To Wrap it Up

Even though we saw a huge drop in Axie’s player base, Sky Mavis seems to want to keep Axie on the forefront with a big announcement in esports and other areas. AxieCon is a way to look back at Axie’s humble beginnings and a look through what is coming in the future.

Recently, Axie has implemented updates on the game. The Land staking feature, where players can now generate passive income from NFT Land while waiting for the next version of the game. And the Builder Program, a franchise so other developers can create derivative games using Axie’s images, with 12 games having announced their ideas and original images.

Axie Infinity may not be as big as it is last year, but with the continued support from the devs and the fanbase.

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