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Hello all! It’s been a while. I was away on travel and going to NFT NYC (which i’ll write about at a later date). For today’s post I’m going to chat about a new podcast with two of my esports friends PPD and whatiship. You may know them as Greg Laird and Peter Dager from Dota 2.

How and why did you start the gaming podcast?

Right before the start of the bear market, we decided to make a private group on discord with friends about gaming in web3. We decided to take it a step further and create a public discord that more than our friends could join. After even more discussions, we decided to make a podcast for people to hear our ramblings on the world of web3 gaming as we felt it crypto twitter was mainly discussing general NFTs and not necessarily games.

We saw this similarly at conventions and other NFT meetups where the discussion is mainly around general NFTs and not necessarily gaming. We strongly believe that web3 gaming will be a vital tool for onboarding users into crypto and that we are currently just scratching the surface with gaming in web3. We wanted the discord group and podcast to be a meeting ground for other gamers who want to chat about games that they may feel passionate or excited about.

We also feel that the majority of the games are currently aimed at investors first and gamers second. We feel that gamers should be the primary focus in web3 gaming and that onboarding / barrier to entry should be lowered significantly. Most importantly, these games need to be fun as well and avoid the old ponzi click to earn style games.

With our web2 backgrounds and our experience in web3 gaming, we felt we could offer a unique perspective on this up and coming segment for our audeince.

About the podcast

Bullish on gaming is a fairly simple podcast. Each week we go live for about 1 hour and discuss 2-3 topics in length. The topics can be related to new game launches, esports and nft gaming, latest news in web3 gaming and other various topics. We then open up Q&A to our audience for the last 15 minutes where they can ask questions to us or about our opinions on specific topics that we discussed.

Fairly simple show and we have a good time and share anecdotes and blend in some of our web2 esports experiences as well.

How to listen to it?

You can listen to Bullish on Gaming Monday’s at 9pm on our twitter spaces OR via the following methods.

More information about Bullish on Gaming

For the latest on bullish on gaming, check out the bullish on gaming twitter or our own twitters for more information.

Make sure you tune if you’re interested in conversations about the latest web3 gaming, esports or just want to drop by and say hello. We’ll be continuing the podcast for quite some time!


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