What is OP, BM, and Tilt in gaming?

As esports and the gaming community continue to grow, so does its list of jargons. It can be useful to know these terms as it can be quite confusing since these terms are being used daily in the gaming community. Here, we define the terms OP, Tilt, and BM used in a gaming context and a few examples for its usage.

How to setup nightbot

This guide will be more catered to tournament organizers but some most of it is still generic enough and applicable enough to other streamers as well potentially. As a tournament organizer, one of your best tools at your disposal during the event is chat moderation. Having an automatic setup is absolutely key in having a good chat experience for those in your channel. If you haven’t already, check out some best practices on what to plan for in an esports event, marketing your esports event and dealing with esports publishers. Bonus, if you’re feeling extra paranoid check out my article