There is a new crypto game in town, and it may not be something that you have seen before. Since last year, hundreds of play-to-earn NFT games have entered the crypto and the gaming world; some turned out to be good, and some did not. One of the major faults is why an NFT project fails when there is no established gameplay. Axie Infinity became the game that it is today because the developers focused on making gameplay and land. Crypto Raiders promised a compelling game with its RPG- dungeon crawler gameplay style. Although the gameplay is still on the beta test, you can see that OG gamers made the game. Gaming isn’t all about graphics, even a game with 8-bit graphics could turn out to be good if it has the right gameplay. In this article, let’s talk about Crypto Raiders, what it is and what it offers.

Credits: Crypto Raiders

Built on the Polygon blockchain, Crypto Radiers is a play-to-earn dungeon crawler game. The first dungeon test has been released to the public, in which players can earn loot for their characters. This test has been run thousands of times by players over the weeks and received positive reviews from the community. My favourite personal aspect of the game is endless dungeon.

The Tokens

To be able to play the game, you will need a Metamask Wallet connected to the Polygon MainNet. Here you can do all the transactions for Crypto Raiders. There are 2 main tokens in the Crypto Raiders ecosystem, the Aurum Token and the Raider Token, both of which are important if you want to get into the game.


When considering the value and utility of the Aurum and Raider tokens, it’s also worth factoring in our future plans for the Crypto Raiders ecosystem and the additional use those tokens will have.

Though these tokens are not yet launched officially, you will need to import the correct address into your wallet. Be careful of fakes out there. Go to the official discord or website and get official links from there.


This is the game’s utility token. It will be used for running dungeons, recruiting characters (the game’s version of “breeding”), and future value-creation activities such as crafting, enchanting, and PvP duels. Aurum will also be the default currency in the marketplace and is planned to launch in the following months.

You can earn Aurum by completing dungeons and quests. The more complicated a quest or a dungeon, the more Aurum a player can make. Certain characters could earn more Aurum bonuses, such as the 7,500 genesis 1 raiders earning 30% more. You can also earn aurum by staking your raider on the website.


The Raider is the game’s governance token and it represents the Crypto Raider as a whole; it also provides some in-game uses.

Holders can stake Raider to earn a share of all Aurum spent in the game. It will be rewarded based on in-game activity, earning Aurum, or used for value-creation activities like running dungeons, breeding, and crafting.

Raider staking can be locked for three to twelve months; if you lock it on three months, you will get a 100% reward rate, 200% for four months, 300% for nine months, and 400% for a whole year. Another thing is, staking Raider token will grant you additional features such as; voting in governance and other decisions and special access to unique dungeons and gears. Two air drops have occurred recently with the mounts + mobs! They have been rewarding as mobs will be used in the game to earn rewards.


Credits: Crypto Raiders

As of now, you can buy or sell characters in OpenSea, though the team will also release a native Crypto Raiders marketplace in the next months. The marketplace will allow players to trade Crypto Raiders native NFTs without leaving the Crypto Raiders ecosystem and paying a 2.5% cut to OpenSea.

This marketplace will rely on Aurum as the primary currency. Instead of the 2.5% fee going to OpenSea, a 2.5% exchange fee will be partially distributed to Raider stakers, further increasing the value of holding staking Raider tokens.

Gameplay and NFT Burn Mechanism

Crypto Raider’s gameplay looks to be inspired heavily by Diablo and a Dungeon Crawler like D&D; this is not new if you are a long-time gamer. The gameplay currently focuses on getting in a dungeon and defeating all the enemies. After defeating enemies, they will drop loot and rewards, and you can sell these to earn Aurum can use it for your character to make stronger. The more complex the dungeon, the more loot and rewards you can get. One thing that separates Crypto Raiders from other NFT games is its permadeath system. Yes, if you got beaten in a dungeon, your character (NFT) will die, and you won’t be able to use it again unless you have special items or buffs to counteract the death; also, all of the gears your character had when it dies will all be lost. That’s why in order to acquire higher value gear and larger sums of Aurum, characters will need to work through dungeons with a chance of death.

Credits: Crypto Raiders

Now some of you might be thinking, a character that I bought for hundreds of dollars can just die? Yes, and we are all aware of what happened to Axie Infinity weeks ago, the marketplace became too populated, making the Axies lose their value. Can the developers of crypto raiders prevent some of the learnings from Axie? Let’s see!

brycent’s Youtube Video: Could Crypto Raiders Become The Next Big Crypto Game? – First Impressions

The character recruiting (breeding) could increase the supply exponentially overtime and if the demand for the game doesn’t also grow exponentially, the market for character NFTs could crash catastrophically. This also allows them to increase or decrease the character and gear burn rate to respond to market demands, ensuring that investors and players alike can always charge a healthy price for their characters.

Aside from dungeons and quests, players can also duel other players; this is Crypto Raider’s take on the PvP system. This PvP game mode will allow players to fight their friends and foes in an arena, show their prowess on the universal leaderboard, and compete for Aurum in tournaments and seasons.

Roadmap Overview

Crypto Raiders is still in its early development stage, and as far as its roadmap goes, this could be a great game if it’s executed on.

Credits: Crypto Raiders

Crypto Raiders might not be for everyone, and the death system might be a red flag to some. From what we’re seeing, the game wants to balance competitiveness and adventure mechanics; the players will play the game cautiously.

It’s exciting to see what the game will be. Dungeon crawling games are known to get more challenging as you play them, and I love how the game balances it with its reward system. As of now, the game is still in its early stages; we can still see how the game goes from here. I have my own Gen 1 and 2 mobs so I’m ready to play!

So, what do you think about Crypto Raiders? Would you like to give it a try?

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