DeFi Kingdoms

One of the best things about NFT games is their flexibility. We have seen a turn-based card game on Axie Infinity, a horse racing game on Pegaxy, and now let’s take a look DeFi Kingdoms, a hero based game that lets you earn JEWEL. The game’s token that powers DeFi Kingdoms can be used to purchase NFTs such as items and heroes at the moment. In addition, JEWEL can also be used to vote for governance proposals for the future and growth of the project.

The game is still in its early stages; many titles focus on buying and selling NFTs or elaborate gameplay promises. DeFi Kingdom is starting by using games to make it fun to invest in crypto through the game’s growing economy. It involves things about crypto such as; investing, staking, buying, selling, etc., and compiled it into a game. Though there will be updates on the game’s gameplay, the whole framework of its existence is to bring what we know about crypto into gaming.

DeFi Kingdoms is a blockchain game that makes users not even realize they are participating in defi actitivities. At first, you might think the game is all over the place and may not be friendly, especially if you’re starting on crypto and want to try how blockchain games work. Crypto and DeFi can be very intimidating but DeFi Kingdom does a great job at giving terms players are more familiar with. DeFi Kingdoms can teach you most basics about DeFi trading. Not only that, the game itself is eye-pleasing, with its retro-style graphics, a great soundtrack, a dedicated team, and a supportive community that helps the game to grow and flourish.

Harmony ONE

DeFi Kingdoms is using the Harmony Protocol blockchain with its native coin ONE. ONE can be purchased on most major exchanges, including Binance, Kucoin,, etc.

Tutorial on how to buy Jewel on Harmony One

You can purchase JEWEL at the Marketplace from the Trader, Merchant Matoya, with your ONE or with most of Harmony’s other tokens. The easiest way to get playing DeFi Kingdoms is buying harmony one, transferring your ONE coins to your ONE address and then using the trader to buy jewel. If you’re a visual person check out the video above.


Jewel is not just your ordinary crypto-token but it acts as an introduction to decentralized-financed (DeFi) world through gaming. It is the primary token in DeFi Kingdoms and is used for many things such as hero purchases, summoning and more!

The contract address for JEWEL is: 0x72Cb10C6bfA5624dD07Ef608027E366bd690048F

Jewel Token

The Garden

The Garden is a place to stake liquidity provider tokens to receive JEWEL tokens at its core. You’ll be gaining JEWEL tokens to use in-game for rare NFTs and other items JUST by staking LP tokens.. For example, ONE-JEWEL earns returns of upwards of 800% APY but at the risk of impermanent loss. Impermanent loss occurs when there is volatility between the two coins you’ve provided in the liquidity pool. For example, if coin A and B both started at $10. However, one went up to $15 and the other went down to $3, I’d suffer a 25.46% loss on my coin value. The other caveat is, if I generated a 50% return on my coins during that time, I’d come out ahead due to the 800% APY from the LP. DeFi Kingdoms also adds professions that can increase yields such as gardening. Heroes can increase garden yields based on their in game stats and profession type.

The Garden


One of the unique features that DeFi Kingdoms offers is the Bank. In t traditional DeFi it is called staking. You can deposit JEWEL tokens to receive xJEWEL shares. These xJEWEL then earn yield based off of in game transactions. Jewel spent on summoning is added to the treasury which is used for development costs to continue to keep the development of DeFi Kingdoms solid and healthy. Current returns of jewel are roughly 60% APR which is still very high. You have to worry about the price of jewel only as you’re single staking.

The Bank

Decentralized Exchanged (DEX)

The DEX or trader in DeFi Kingdoms allows users to exchange funds through smart contracts without relinquishing custody over them until the exchange is finalized. It allows you to avoid exchanges (going back and forth can be a hassle and potentially save a ton of gas fees). From the Market, you can swap tokens at the current exchange rates. You can also become a Liquidity Provider by adding liquidity to any token pools you’d like. If you add liquidity, you earn fees based on the percent of the pool you own. These will earn you fees any time anyone trades those tokens. These LP tokens can also be staked in the Gardens to earn JEWEL rewards.


DeFi Kingdom is a browser-based game, all you need is a system with a compatible browser, a Metamask Extension, and you’re good to go. Additionally, you will need Harmony ONE token for gas fees and convert JEWEL within the game. Transactions are fractions of a penny on ONE so 30-50 ONE tokens strictly for transactions will last you quite some time.

The DeFi Kingdom gameplay revolves around Heroes, the utility-based NFT that can gather resources. To buy a hero, you will have to go to the Tavern, where you can learn what makes each hero unique from one another. RIght now, the gameplay revolves around quests, the developer promised PVP and PVE gameplay in the future, which will help players earn more Jewels tokens.

Heroes are the key features in the game; you can level them up and earn JEWEL with their quest rewards. As they are assigned to go on quests, battle in PVP (soon), or dressed up in gear to maximize their stats, they’ll be leveling up and earning you tokens through the whole adventure.

The Tavern is the place to buy or sell heroes. At the barkeep, you can also offer your heroes to be rented by other players; this feature is called rental Summoning. Rental summoning allows another player to rent your hero and use one of their summoning slots for a fee. Example, if you had a 10/10 hero, it would go to 9/10. Summoning is very complex in DeFi Kingdoms and will be spoken about in another article!

The Tavern

Hero summoning is DeFi Kingdoms way of creating more heroes. You can either buy heroes from the agent in the tavern or rent them for summoning purposes (you do not own them however if you rent). At the summoning portal, you can summon additional heroes to build out your roster and earn in game items which you can trade for jewel or other currency. To learn more about Summoning, click this link.

Summoning Portal

Since Heroes are the games’ NFT, they all vary in many ways. One of the main differences between heroes is their stats. Whenever a hero levels up, their stats increases. To level up your hero, you will need enough experience from quests and adventures. Below are the stats that you should look for when choosing your hero.

Hit Points (HP) – Hit Points measure how alive a hero is. If they become injured, they will need to rest or use potions to recover HP. If this goes to 0, the hero can become exhausted, or worse…

Mana Points (MP) – Mana Points are used to cast spells and use skills. When this reaches zero, the hero can no longer use spells or abilities until they use a potion.

Stamina – Stamina is used to perform quests. If the hero has no stamina, they must rest naturally (1 stamina recovered every 20 minutes) or go to the inn and pay JEWELs to increase their stamina recovery rate drastically.

Strength (STR) – Strength multiplies various actions, especially physical attacks and skills.

Dexterity (DEX) – Dexterity plays a lesser role in defense and modifies attack damage from certain weapons.

Agility (AGI) – Agility determines the time between a hero’s actions in combat. It also plays a role in evasion.

Vitality (VIT) – Vitality is the primary stat that impacts HP growth and benefits recovering from certain debuffs.

Endurance (END) – Endurance adds to defense and increases debuff resistance.

Intelligence (INT) – Intelligence multiplies various actions, especially skills and magic, and modifies magic evasion. This stat also plays into how much MP is gained when leveling up.

Wisdom (WIS) – Adds a multiplier to magic attacks and skills and increases magic defense. This stat also shows how much MP is gained when leveling up (to a lesser extent than INT).

Luck (LCK) – The higher a hero’s luck, the more likely it will land a critical strike. Luck also slightly increases the chances to get rare items and plays a small role in evasion.

Aside from stats, heroes differ in rarity as well. Every summons, you will have a chance to get rarer heroes. Of course, it will depend on what heroes you are using to summon. If you’re using a hero of higher rarity, there will be a higher chance that you could summon a hero with the same rarity or better. The following are the hero rarities from the most common to the rarest; Common, Uncommon, Rare, Legendary, and Mythic.

To know more about heroes’ rarity, you can check this video.

Video from Digital Slowmad

Professions & Questing

Currently, professions and questing play a major part in DeFi Kingdoms. You should put your heroes on a quest to earn rewards and level up your heroes. Quests are divided into two categories. Profession quests are non-combat-oriented quests to learn and excel at different useful skills to the kingdom. Adventure Quests involve going to a remote location with a team of heroes to fight evil, and the spoils of those battles are yours for the taking. However, at the moment only Profession Quests can be played right now, and Adventure Quests will be available in later phases of the game.

There are four Professions available to the Heroes: Gardening, Mining, Fishing, and Mining. Each hero has skills associated with each given profession. As your hero level increases, it will also increase the hero’s ability to earn rewards. To learn more about professions, you can click this link.


DeFi Kingdoms is a promising game that is looking to expand onto the Fantom and Avalanche networks. It is one of the powerhouses of the Harmony One network and a great introduction into DeFi by using clever game mechanics that people are familiar with. What do you think about DeFi Kingdom? Is this the next big thing in NFT Gaming? Leave a comment below!

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