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One of the most played games on the Solana Blockchain is Ev.io. The shooter, developed by Addictive Games, can be played in any current web browser and awards players with e, an internal token that can be exchanged for SOL. The major marketplace to buy and sell ev.io NFTs is Fractal Launchpad, which has aggressively backed and sponsored the game.

Playing the shooter in ev.io allows players to collect “e” tokens for eliminating enemies and scoring goals during battles. A flat and guaranteed exchange rate of $5 for 10,000e is offered for the tokens. SOL can be obtained by using ev.io NFTs. There is a power level for each player’s skin and weapon. For every achievement in the game, the greater the power level, the more SOL you receive.

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To strengthen your NFTs, you can participate in special occasions, daily quests, clan conflicts, grind, and advance in PVP. The most valuable and uncommon NFTs also have the highest SOL. This is because they have the highest power levels. Players can purchase ev.io NFTs on Fractal or the secondary market. In the future, Ev.io will undoubtedly produce more NFTs, but now, weapons and skins are the primary ones.


You can play ev.io by yourself or with friends and teammates. As of this writing, six different gaming types are available in ev.io: Deathmatch, Mayhem, Team Deathmatch, Battle Royale, Survivor, and Capture the Flag.

  • Deathmatch: Face up to 8 players on a map and try to eliminate as many opponents as possible. The player with the most kills at the end of the game wins.
  • Team deathmatch: Players are divided into groups of 4 and spawn randomly on the map. The goal is the same as the deathmatch but the eliminations of each team member are accumulated and the team with the best score at the end of the time limit wins the game.
  • Mayhem: This is also similar to the deathmatch but has larger scale maps and more destructive weapons.
  • Battle Royal and Survival: Players will fight to be the last one or the last team to survive.
  • Capture the flag: This is mostly enjoyed in teams and is the best mode for players to start climbing the ladders.

Every player has access to various character upgrades, such as level and ability upgrades.

Thanks to abilities, your hero has improved movement choices, shorter gun-down times, and more ammo. The sets of lesser improvements known as abilities can be leveled up independently. Most skills are passive; however, each character has two active abilities that can be found and improved.

Players are relocated to a sci-fi map where they can engage in combat as soon as the game begins. You can perform a triple jump or a double jump and employ any disposable skill. The full list of maps is as follows:

  • Intrepid
  • Trident
  • Rook
  • Fracture
  • Checkpoint
  • Evasion
  • Sanctum
  • Monorail
  • Rotation
  • Celarus
  • Bishop
  • Drought
  • Ancient
  • Hut 8
  • Fractal
  • Pawn
  • Dragon Temple
  • Enclave
  • Graveyard
  • Gypsum
  • Little Town 2065

The game is similar to Quake and is still currently a work in progress. Parties may ultimately opt to create a clan. Clans are currently being created; more information is available on the Info page.

In order to play, simply go to the main website, select your preferred game mode, and when the network has enough players, you will be transferred to the map to begin playing.

SOURCE: ev.io

A Play-To-Earn FPS Game Based On Ads

There are currently 1,400+ Weapon NFTs and 2,400+ Character NFTs in circulation. On the Fractal, Magic Eden, and OpenSea marketplaces, players can purchase NFTs. Power levels for NFTs exist independently of rarity. Power levels range from 0 to 100, and as players advance through the levels, the NFT’s appearance changes.

By taking part in special events, daily missions, clan conflicts, grinding, and rising in PVP, players can power up their NFTs.
NFTs in Ev.io improve in-game prizes, allowing users to potentially earn more SOL, rather than affecting any in-game attributes. More prizes are given for in-game accomplishments as the NFT rarity and power level increase.

The first gaming-specific advertising engine is being developed by Ev.io. Addicting Games is depending on ads to operate the game economy even if the majority of games only focus on NFTs. Players that purchase NFTs contribute money to the game, which then utilizes that money to improve the gameplay and draw in additional players. ev.io attracts investors and projects in the metaverse and web3 area by offering a sizable player base. These entities are interested in advertising by purchasing billboards and unique components inside each game.

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A pool of prizes for active players who hold NFTs will be funded by the daily, weekly, or monthly fees charged to advertisers for the service. Regardless of NFT ownership, everyone will be forced to see the advertising, but in the current game, only NFT owners will share the benefit that the pool produces.

Holders of NFT will get payment from Ev.io via a variety of in-game goals. For instance, a headshot is more valuable than a regular shot, and capturing a flag is more valuable than eliminating an opponent. These mechanics have not yet been precisely described, but they will.

The team has promised to maintain a $5 ratio for every 10,000 e-tokens. Normally, a kill can net you anywhere between 1 and 5e, while other goals can net you up to 10. Whatever your squad and playing style, it will undoubtedly require a lot of effort on your part to now make a sizable living from ev.io. Once the team is successful in luring more advertisers, which would boost the revenue pool, this might alter.

To Wrap It Up

It takes inspiration from “Bungie-style” shooters like Halo and Destiny. With PvP, PvE, 10+ maps, 20+ weapons, 5 game modes, private games, parties, and Solana earned for each kill, experience “the Halo of web3.” With skills like teleportation and triple jumping, the game places a strong emphasis on mobility and gunplay. For a complete tactical experience, there are also utility skills like impulse, smoke, flash, and sticky grenades.

Everyone can play ev.io because it doesn’t take much to run. It is enjoyable, operates in the browser, and has a strong nostalgic connection to the original Quake Arena. The gameplay is solid, it’s fun, exciting and it’s addicting. The developer’s idea to build its economy on ads is somehow genius, now that we are experiencing a quiet decline in P2E this is a breath of fresh air for the genre.

By revealing new features and experiences almost weekly on their Discord channel, the team is quickly and steadily progressing toward a more pleasurable experience for both players and advertising. In the upcoming months, we are certain that this shooter will continue to be a reliable partner for Fractal and see a significant increase in the player base.

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