Getting involved in esports (Part 2) – Types of esports jobs

Finding a job in esports is always difficult. You need to write a resume, prep for an interview, interview some more until you get that job! Previously, I wrote a Part 1 about getting involved in esports and discussed general involvement and more specifically about project management in esports. I also discussed if having a degree in esports helps get you a job in esports.

Part 2 will be about some types of esports jobs. There are quite a few so I’ll try to name at least 20 here. By no means is this list exhaustive and i’ll probably do a poor job explaining a few of them. Some esports job titles are made up on LinkedIn so i’ll try to stick to fairly common ones.

If you’re interested in production or broadcasting, make sure you check out Jason Baker’s behind the scenes on what goes on in an esports production. It’s a good read about an intro. Also you can checkout his additional post on the ELEAGUE behind the scenes as well.

Behind the scenes at ELEAGUE – All credit goes to the ELEAGUE team for this great share
What goes in behind the scenes in esports. Make sure to click through! Courtesy of @DNPEEK

Types of esports jobs

  • Esports project manager
    • The esports project manager is responsible for ensuring the event goes through smoothly. They will work hand in hand with the production team and the tournament organizer in order to ensure a smooth event. Generally the esports PM may be from the tournament organizer side or may be from a white label party. It depends on the setup.
  • Esports project coordinator
    • The project coordinator is generally responsible for specific tasks and works hand in hand with the project manager. For example, they may be assigned to ensure that all the PC’s for teams are working correctly and that staff have set them up to the specifications of each player.
  • Esports tournament organizer
    • The simplest definition of an esports tournament organizer would be that they put on events. They can range from amateur to pro level. They will more than likely interface with all these roles. Being a TO is tough.
  • Esports coach
    • The esports coach is generally responsible for the performance of a team on a day to day basis. They can be involved in strategy for upcoming matches and how to plan for certain scenarios and to discuss what went wrong in previous matches. Coaches are generally high level players who have slid into the role at this time.
  • Esports performance coach
    • Esports performance coaches are slightly different than regular coaches. They are concerned from a habits standpoint of certain players. Example, are they working out, are they drinking coffee on a day to day. The performance coach and coach can double up in esports as it’s not a clearly defined role yet.
  • Team Manager
    • The team manager is the overseer and responsible for the day to day management + growth of the team they’re responsible for. In some organizations a team manager will double for multiple games. Esports team managers generally are responsible for scheduling matches, scrims, solving conflicts, ensuring player transportation and a ton more.
  • Sales (inbound)
    • Inbound sales deal specifically with sponsors or opportunities that are inbound to the organization. Ie, A sponsor reaching out to sponsor an esports team.
  • Sales (outbound)
    • Outbound sales deal specifically with opportunities that are not quite there yet in esports. They generally cold call or cold email
  • Accounting
    • This can be also broken down into accounts receivable (getting payments into the organization) and accounts payable (paying people / organizations). Generally in esports this is one role and not always split.
  • Technical director
    • In a production, the Technical Director or TD is the one calling the show. They’re responsible for ultimately what happens from a broadcast standpoint
  • Replay ops
    • They’re responsible for getting the great moments in esports. Example, a player slamming their desk in response to a huge echo slam or getting a 4K. That’s them!
  • Audio engineer
    • They’re responsible for everything you hear on the broadcast. Sick audio and NASL sound guy included.
  • Esports caster
    • There are a few roles here generally, (colour & analyst). What you hear over top of the match are casters getting hype. Here’s a great example in esports casting from Korea!
  • Esports professional player
    • Chances are you’re way better than me at games. Why are you reading this? Kappa. Pro players are insanely good and generally the top .1% of players in the game. They compete at the highest level tournaments.
  • Developer (backend)
    • Want to get stats from your favourite game? Chances are there’s a backend developer involved with some experience. They call api’s, work with databases and more to ensure that your website is up and running!
  • Developer (frontend)
    • Saw a website that has a great interface with a sleek user experience? That’s the role of the front end developer along with the user experience designer. They connect API’s from the backend and ensure that the website is usable and make the user experience come to life. They will work with agile project managers closely to deliver MVP
  • Social media
    • This is self explanatory. Social media outreach is vital in esports and this role is important. They’re responsible for making sure all messaging is on point and that audience engagement remains high.
  • Marketing
    • Marketing may also be social media in esports but it may be a separate entity as well. The marketing team could be responsible for email campaigns, search engine optimization, google ads, social media and the total holistic messaging that each brand has!
  • Esports consultant
    • This role is not very popular but I’ve seen it a lot on LinkedIn. Esports consultants (good ones anyways), are responsible for providing strategic advice or thought leadership to an organization. If you are going to hire an esports consultant please make sure to review their resume!
  • Esports lawyer
    • Lawyers are responsible for a multitude of things. Contracts, legal advice, disputes etc. IF you’re going to sign something please run it by a lawyer! They’re well worth the fee. Some lawyers in esports in Toronto are MKM Group, (specialize in esports) and other recommendations are Aluvion Law.
  • Esports general manager & president
    • Generally responsible for the performance and well being of multiple entities on a team. Think of it similar to Bobby Webster / Masai Ujiri of the Toronto Raptors.

So there you have it! 20 types of jobs in esports. If you know more or if I’ve missed a bunch just tell me and i’ll update the list!

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