How to fix no free transactions in ronin wallet

Happy new year everyone! This is going to be a quick article on how to fix no free transactions on your ronin wallet.

If you’ve ever received SLP and have tried to send a transaction but you noticed that you have “Free x0” transactions in ronin. You need to do the following!

Option 1:

Buy ron on

Option 2:

Confirming your email address! See below if you have this error.

  • Sign into the axie marketplace with your ronin wallet.
  • When you login it’ll ask you for a name, name it whatever you want
  • On the top left it will ask you to verify email / password, sign up for that
Sign up for your account like this
  • You will be asked for a verification code. You need to get the 6 digit code in your email. You will get an email to verify, it’s 6 digits, verify the account with that. Hit confirm.
  • You’re now verified and can send your transactions

That’s it! That’s how you fix it. I hope you were able to solve your issue. Check out more articles below:

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