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Implement Kanban as high as you can organizationally

Welcome back! Here with another article today and to discuss some of the problems with isolated team level kanban and why you should aim to go as high as possible in the organization. I’ll discuss some of my experiences and go into the downsides of isolated team level kanban vs the organization level. This article isn’t here to downplay the impacts of Kanban and lean principles but show some of the downsides when you’re alone without support. For full context, I think Kanban and Lean are great and have shaped a lot of the background of what I do today.

Agile features

What is a feature in agile software delivery?

Back again with another software delivery article! Today we’re going to talk about what a feature and feature flag is in agile software delivery. They’re two distinct things but are related especially if you want to experiment often. We’ll talk about some pros and cons + a few other topics. Regardless of process, time to market, customer feedback and being “nimble” rather than following strict process that slows everything down is an important mantra in my mind.So let’s get to it! What is a feature in agile software delivery? A “feature” refers to a distinct element of functionality that can

Enterprise agile building

What are agile enterprise solutions?

Today i’ll talk about a few agile enterprise solutions and what they might mean for your organization. Firstly, this varies wildly from company to company. My experience is specifically around lean software delivery and dora metrics. I’ll talk about a few available solutions and what might a VP/ CTO at a mid to large company look for and try to avoid in a agile enterprise solution. As with any solution, it’ll really depend on your needs and what you’re looking to accomplish. A startup will need something VERY different than a large enterprise organization with 1000s of team members. Same