What is web3 in simple terms

Hello all, it’s been a while! I’ll be attempting to write more over the coming months as winter approaches. Today I’ll try to explain web3 in simple terms and what might some potential use cases might be. This will probably be focused more so on gaming but I’ll have a few extra examples as well. What is web3 in simple terms? Web3 is a term used to describe the next generation of the World Wide Web, which is focused on providing more advanced capabilities for users. It is often associated with the use of blockchain technology, which allows for the


ev.io An Addicting Play and Earn FPS Game

Overview One of the most played games on the Solana Blockchain is Ev.io. The shooter, developed by Addictive Games, can be played in any current web browser and awards players with e, an internal token that can be exchanged for SOL. The major marketplace to buy and sell ev.io NFTs is Fractal Launchpad, which has aggressively backed and sponsored the game. Playing the shooter in ev.io allows players to collect “e” tokens for eliminating enemies and scoring goals during battles. A flat and guaranteed exchange rate of $5 for 10,000e is offered for the tokens. SOL can be obtained by

Web3 gaming NFTs are too expensive

Hello all, it’s been a while. Back at you with another web3 gaming article and this time I’ll focus on gaming NFTs and how they’re too expensive at this time for regular mainstream adoption. We’ll also talk about a few other problems as well. Let’s discuss the current state of web3 gaming and where we might go in the future for adoption. Current State Web 3 games are too expensive and cater to investors While not every game is like this (some encourage free to play and then signing up); the majority of web3 games follow a similar pattern The