VulcanVerse an Open-World MMORPG Game from VulcanForged

Today we look at a new NFT Game called VulcanVerse which is a potentially promising MMORPG from Vulcanforged.


VulcanVerse is an open-world massive multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG) with powerful lore that all the players can enjoy. Inside VulcanVerse, players can genuinely own assets in the form of Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs). VulcanForged made the game, a community-based project that promotes the development of world-class blockchain games by supporting developers through its development programs ‘incubation and crowdfunding’.

In this game, you create your own quests and adventures, forage for NFTs, and battle against other Vulcanites. The native token for VulcanVerse, $PYR, is used as a settlement, staking, and gaming token. It can be played on the Polygon Network (former Matic).

How To Start

The game is free to play and is available on PC. You will need a VulCanForged account connected to your Metamask wallet via Polygon Network to be able to play the game.

PYR 101 — The Ultimate Play-to-Earn economy | by Vulcan Forged | Medium

The avatar that you will be using is free, as well as the Vulcanite (beast companion); what you will need to buy is the land. Land prices range from 500-5000 $PYR ($5000-$100000). Yes, this is a rich man’s game; however, the game’s main target are guilds, established blockchain guilds that have lots of members to play on their land. They also have the Cedalion Program; this is basically their scholarship feature; cedalion being the greek term for scholar. Players can rent land and can earn a significant amount of the total earning land received. This is just like the renting program of Pegaxy; however, here, it’s the land that you have to rent.


If you are a landowner, you can hire a cedalion (scholars) to work on your land. They can build on your plots and keep them nice and tidy. Cedalions borrow your NFT or NFTs to play the game and use the play to earn capabilities. You will share the profits! However, if the cedalion can find an NFT on your land, they can keep it.

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Your land can be level 1 up to level 7. For each level upgrade, you will be able to hire an additional cedalion. The maximum will be seven cedalions for now at level 7. You don’t need to stake, but you need to upgrade your plots and pay the $PYR fee.

Gameplay and Earning Mechanics

Just like any open-world MMORPG game, VulcanVerse gameplay revolves around how active you are in the game. The game’s map is divided into four quadrants on the Palace of Vulcan, in the center of Vulcan City. Each of these quarters is unique in style and terrain types. Players can build upon their land, recruiting creatures (Vulcanites). As the VulcanVerse itself is developed, it will add buildings that give new functionality, produce goods, trade with other players, and with Vulcan City, players can create their own games, quests, palaces, objects, art, and more.

VulcanVerse Takes NFTs to Next Level With Amazing Graphics, Gameplay and  Lore – Sponsored Bitcoin News
Credits: VulcanForged

In order to level up and gain rewards, players will need to finish specific tasks and quests around the game’s map. The tasks consist mainly of exploring, battling Vulcanites, and foraging. Finishing these tasks will earn you XP, which can be swapped for $LAVA. On March 17, the developers changed how the earning system works; before, the XP your earned could be directly traded for LAVA token; the exchange is 10XP for 1 LAVA token. Now you will get a percentage of all of the XP accumulated to be converted into LAVA token. For example, you played around 10 am-11 pm, and in that one hour time of playing, you and the players around the map have gathered 30,000 XP, and in that 30,000 XP, you contributed 900 XP, the percentage of what you earned will be your LAVA earning. So, 900 of 30,000 is 3%; therefore, you will get 3 LAVA tokens.

Credits: Bruno Ielo


Vulcanites are the main NFTs of the game, when you create an account, you will get one free Vulcanite; though the free Vulcanite is not non-tokenized (not an NFT) and cannot be leveled up. As you play the game, you can encounter NFT Vulcanites which can be leveled up, sold, or traded. Even if you are playing on someone’s land, if you got a Vulcanite, it is yours. The higher the Vulcanite’s level, the higher the rewards and XP you can get. They can be purchased or traded for in the Marketplace, on occasion, they can also be won through competitions or quizzes hosted on the Vulcan Forged social media accounts.

Vulcanites 101 — Beastly NFTs. A guide to your in-game companions | by  Vulcan Forged | Medium
Credits: VulcanForged

As of now, there are 20 known Vulcanites with more in development. Each vulcanite has a level and an edition that are important to know. The Level signifies their skill set limits, and their edition indicates how many of them will be available in-world.

Credits: VulcanForged

Vulcanites can perform the same core tasks, though the ability of each Vulcanite varies. Vulcanites have stats for each of these tasks. Vulcanite tasks are as follows:

⦁ Battle — this is VulcanVerse PVP mode; winning in a match can get you rewards and XP; losing will also do; however, you will only gain a little bit of it.

⦁ Forage — send your Vulcanite out foraging. Distance traveled to a foraging spot can be limited depending on the level of your Vulcanite and their foraging stat, as can the time it takes to forage and the likelihood of finding a rarer item. Items can include PYR pits and NFT items.

⦁ Espionage — your Vulcanite can spy on plots owned by other players with the hope of retrieving a blueprint for a new item or asset for you to use in your build. If a Vulcanite defends a plot, this task can be more difficult, but again, each Vulcanite has an espionage stat that dictates how well they can spy.

⦁ Defend — other landowners will send their Vulcanites out to spy too. They could come to your plots to take blueprints for assets you have worked to obtain. The way to stop them? Set a Vulcanite to defend your plot. Each Vulcanite can defend one single plot. For each of the above, it’s often a benefit to check and be aware of the stats for each Vulcanite — as if you have more than one Vulcanite, you’ll want to ensure you have the best Vulcanite for the job at hand. Though there are some exceptions to this rule, vulcanite stats rise with level — a level 3 Vulcanite will generally have better stats than a level 1 Vulcanite.

$PYR and $LAVA Token

PYR is the primary utility token of Vulcan Forged. It is an ERC-20 token that powers the project’s entire ecosystem, which players can use across all games. Examples of PYR’s uses include:

  • Buying or selling NFTs
  • Staking in-game items
  • Staking PYR on VulcanDEX
  • Upgrading NFTs

LAVA is the secondary utility token powering Vulcan Forged. It is a part of the project’s reward system that awards tokens to players who actively play games and engage with other users. All gameplay aspects of Vulcan Verse or any other game distribute LAVA for completing specific tasks.

Final Thoughts

Because of its very high price, VulcanVerse is highly suitable for big blockchain gaming guilds or established NFT investors. I’d like to see the price of certain NFTs go down while maintaining a deep economy + a way to have fun in the game. Currently available on PC, meaning it’s player-based is much smaller than Axie Infinity or any NFT game that can be played on mobile phones.

The game aims towards longevity, though as of now, the game doesn’t have a clear burning mechanism to deal with the increased resources. However, PYR and LAVA token can also be used on other VulcanForge games and Vulcon will be sure to have additional information. Yes, VulcanForged aims to have a decentralized economy for all of its games; they have other NFT games you can play using these tokens. Some of their games includes Berserk, a collectible card game, and Vulcan Chess, a 3D chess game featuring many Vulcanites as characters.

To run VulcanVerse properly on your PC, the minimum requirements are;

CPU: i5 3rd gen / AMD Fx-6300 or greater
GPU: at least 3GB of VRAM
RAM: 6GB of RAM or more
Network: Stable connection
HDD: at least 500GB. Using an SSD is Highly advised.

So what do you think about this open-world MMORPG? Is this the next big thing? Write your comments down below.

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